Yvonne J Photography | About

I’ve always had a passion for photography. Since my father purchased my first SLR I’ve wanted to capture every moment and make it something I could treasure forever. As my hobby grew I realised I could continue on and do what I love the most for the rest of my life – being a photographer.

Ten years later I am a female portrait photographer based in Luton, Bedfordshire. I feel honored to capture family photographs, memorable moments and glimpses of time that can only be remembered through a photograph. As a family and children photographer, I catch those moments’ parents and loved ones never want to forget. Whether it’s a child just after she’s born or a family photograph full of generations, I aspire to make my clients’ moment’s permanent memories.

Capturing personalities in my photo shoots is something I excel at. I can bring out the best in my clients and catch them as they really are – even if it’s in still form. As a photographer, I consider myself unique in the industry. I don’t branch out into different categories; instead I stay within what matters to me most: family and friends. There is no better photograph than what matters most to all of us and that is why I offer my family and children photography services to clients throughout the Luton, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas.

Thank you for considering yvonne J photography. I look forward to catching your moments and turning them into timeless mementos.